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Games people play

It’s the weekend. I love weekends. Time to relax and not get myself into much of activities. Most of my weekends are spent watching football and rugby games. For this one am gonna sit back and play video games. Specifically FIFA, though i suck at it am more than determined to improve a skill or two today. So today am gonna play FIFA all day long like many of my bros out there. We all know the excitement it comes with,unexplainable!

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Something new

I almost let today pass without writing. That aside, i like new experiences and new things. That which surpasses all is brand new Airforces,i like them so much i can even fail to put them on for a while. I really like New Airforces. Of all all new things the sight of brand new Airforces beats them all.


I sincerely apologise for being so open that i love money. I’d choose money over love any day. I know,you probably thinking, how am gonna love money if in the first place I’d choose money over love itself. I too don’t know how but it’s money over love all way through. Ooh! Got a hint,maybe,just maybe, i have grown in and known love since childhood and i am for the money now. This will take time to unravel so I’ll leave it at i prefer money to any other thing! Having money has some peace that comes with it. That is something i can’t just shake off.

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Lovely day guys.


It’s said politics is a dirty game. Well, my brother and i have this clean plan to pull off some day. We would both vie for a sit in our area,the same sit mark you,and trash each other’s names out there during campaigns. Well,we would still maintain our brotherly bond,and just before the election we would merge! Can’t wait to see the look on our supporters faces after thinking we would tear each other’s faces off for a mere sit!

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Favorite age.

This is totally decided. I am not having a single doubt my favourite age,so far,is 21. This really had me go through a lot. Like a lot! It’s still stands to be my favourite cause i learnt a lot of things from the reckless things i did.

I just turned 22! So far am still like damn,21 was hot on my heels but i made it. What’s really fascinating about it all is that i came out stronger. That really what makes it my favourite age. Not the fun i had in my teens or the adrenaline filled childhood. I just loved 21!

I now know better.

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What i see!

It may sound crazy but i really don’t know how to put this across! I see stuff around me and am impressed. Impressed with the blogs. Impressed with the way how people are different. Impressed with the troubles. Impressed with the good times. Am literally impressed with the littlest of things.

Someone just told me it’s because i got no worries. No! I don’t even think for a second that’s the reason behind that. When you get to see the beauty behind every single thing that surrounds you things get fun. I can’t always help but wait for something to happen. Good or bad. Guess you don’t know why but i believe there is always something to learn. There is nothing that excites me like a new experience. You will never lack a thing or two to awe at! That’s how i look at life! Now you see how i see?


People go through a lot. Many of which are left untold. It does take a lot of courage to do so,that explains the silence. As a matter of fact,talking almost always helps out all the time. I don’t know about you but even talking to a stranger can do. A person can do other things to to help out of these situations as long it’s sane! Provided the aim is to help relieve the pain. Keep in check! Secret being to solve and not add to the trouble. My personal antidote is always to accept and learn, if possible solve the issue!

The outcome must be recovery! That is it, do not remain focusing on the flaws. Keep on living. Whatever it takes. Whether it takes time or not just remember to recover. The healing will always come! Trust me!

My point of view

What’s wrong with being nice? I simply can’t understand why being nice is regarded a weakness. It might as well be a strength! Come to think of it,it’s common to keep close to nice people. With many guys around a nice person it’s easier for his network to grow. It’s upon him to make out the most out of these numbers. Secret is being careful enough to have boundaries. Many may argue that you can’t be nice and have boundaries at the same time. There is where many go wrong. Every single person has to have boundaries. Same reason even the ‘bad guys'(i believe no one is a bad guy) have a soft spot for things or people. I’ll let you think over this…

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