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Electric Vehicles are gettting into the market at a very high rate. With many of the automotive industries incentivizing the production of more EVs it will be no shock if they get more preffered to the GVs. EVs are simply vehicles which are powered by electric motor instead of internal combustion engines. EVs are of…


What activities do you lose yourself in? Yeah. I like to do the listening and responding thing. You get to hear out new stuff and get to share what you know about the topic. It is like fine tuning you imagination. What is more fun is when both of you are liking the conversation. It…


I should go wash my brain or eyes, either one of them needs to reset. Why? I really love the Greek paintings, looking at them makes me want to paint something, reading about it on the other hand though… Ancient Greece paintings are divided stylistically into four periods, Archaic, Classsical, Geometric and Hellinistic. The four…

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