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Electric Vehicles are gettting into the market at a very high rate. With many of the automotive industries incentivizing the production of more EVs it will be no shock if they get more preffered to the GVs. EVs are simply vehicles which are powered by electric motor instead of internal combustion engines.

EVs are of three types. Battery electric vehicles are those that have batteries installed to power the vehicle. The batteries are rechargable. The batteries are the Lithium-ion batteries which are more reliable for holding charge. The second type of EVs are the Hybrid Electric Vehicles. This, has both the internal combustion system and an electric motor to power the vehicle. Talk about having options. The third type of EVs are the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles which also have both electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The difference between the last two is that hybrid EVs only has the electric battery powering driving at lower speeds while in the plug-in hybrid the batteries are the primary power source for the car and the internal combustion supplements it when it is drained.

There are a number of advantages to EVs. These include zero tailpipe emmissions(pleasant to the environment), fast acceleration meaning high perfomance, they can be charged at home and reduced operating cost as one does not have to buy fuel. There are even more advantages. On the downside, EVs fires are take longer to take out and need a lot of water for the same, the initial purchasing cost is too much and the charging also takes longer. I could go on and on about the advantages and disadvatages but it all zeros in to your preferences. I for one like the look on EVs, the speed and the fact that there are pretty crazy models of EVs. So simply put, I want to own one of these. Very soon.


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