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I should go wash my brain or eyes, either one of them needs to reset. Why? I really love the Greek paintings, looking at them makes me want to paint something, reading about it on the other hand though…

Ancient Greece paintings are divided stylistically into four periods, Archaic, Classsical, Geometric and Hellinistic. The four periods were age related and in each age there was a common type of painting style. It is just like the modern days, trend, is it? In ancient Greece paintings were valued more than sculptures. At some point painting got to be regarded as a gentlemanly practise. The paintings in ancient Greece varied from vase paintings, interior landscape backgrounds and illusionistic paintings. The paintings were a big part of the Greece, I am sure every painter gets a thing or two from them. For some time panel paintings were the common and respected form of art and yet in the Hellinistic period the Greek wall paintings were common to point of becoming grave decorations.

The most famous of all ancient Greek painters was Apelles of Kos. This is according to Plany the elder. I bet you should check out some of his paintings. I definitely think the Greek paintings are inspirational to any art lover. What do you think?


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