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In two words, Demos Kratos. That is all I even have to write about the Greek government system. In ancient Greece, Athens was the first to ever exercise democracy and in the whole world. In modern day Greece, the government is lead by the Prime Minister with the President being the head of state.

Greece funtioned in a way that all citizens were involved in the government. A section of about 500 citizens were chosen every year to serve in the government.They were able to vote on new laws and control all the political processes of the nation. By citizens I mean free men and not slaves, children or women. Though democracy was first initiated in the Athens, this does not mean that Greece never experienced or had other forms of governments. They had differnt forms of governments which changed over differnt periods of time. Some of the other forms of government include, monarchy, oligarchy and tyranny. Monarchy involed the ruling individual to have inherited his role. In oligarchy, the nation was ruled by a select group of individuals. Tyranny in the ancient Greece was not as evil as the word nowadays is. The tyrant was majorly focused on his betterment. There are even a few of the tyrants who had good runs in the office and are remembered for this.

From the times of ancient Greece to modern day Greece I cannot help but admire their organisation in the things that happen in their nation. Their political system confirm this yet again!


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