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Well, if you look enough you get to figure things out!

While looking at the Greek form of education I came across something. When the Roman empire took over Greece they used the educated Greeks as slaves for the affluent Romans. That explains how the Romans ended up deep into the Greek way of life. Let us look into it, maybe you too can take a thing or two from their form of education.

The Greek form of education was way personal. Education was a thing your parents decided if you they could afford giving to you or not. It was either public or private. The public education involved going to public schools and the private involved hiring tutors at home. At that time education was not a basic need. I like to think it was a thing you were priviledged to get. The education was primarily for the males and the non-slaves. The girls and ladies were not necessarily required to get educated. That did change some time later on as Plato came up with the Gyneceum which was for the education of girls.

The Greek form of education was divided into two. The physical and the intellectual. The intellectual involved phylosophy and trivium(logic, grammar and rhetoric). The physical education involved wrestling, running and javeline throwing among other skills. I bet you can tell which form of education most of the Greeks went or preffered for their children. You know about the Spartans? Yeah. You link the two. While at this I got curious, how did they evaluate the learners? Every student does have that fear and it still lingers in me though I have done my fair part of them. The Greek too did evaluate their students. This was done through public exams, phylosophical debates, oratory competitions and apprenticeship workshops. Like any other form of education, the Greek form of education was based on performance. There must be a line at one point or another.

You are probably wondering if they had something like secondary schools, high schools or something. Well, education was not so much invested in and so those who got higher education were few and basically the wealthy ones. People with the means I dare say. Some of the guys who had a mark on the Greeek education include Plato, Socrates, Isocrates and Aristotle. Writing about the Greek form of education turned out to be more fun than I had expected. I dare you to read something on it. I totally like their system of education in relation to their way of life and the ages in which they lived. Nice one people of Greece!


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