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I wanted to write about same-sex education vs co-education. That would be a good one but I think that is going to end up one sided. Same sex education has been here for a long time. It has been here since the Greek and Roman times. Girls were separated from boys and taught differently. This is beacuse the roles of boys and girls were different. No boy was expected to be doing what a girl was doing and vice versa. That started to change in the 19th century as schools started the co-education system. I am not goingto cross that line.

Same-sex education involves the same sex. I went through this kind of education while I was in high school. Well, there were the the highs and the lows but it was hell of a time in my life. The thing with the same-sex education is that the teachers and students know exactly how to deal with each other with little effort. I don’t know if you catch my drift already. Dealing with both sexes is a little bit of more work than the same sex. Wonder if this can apply to the other 70 sexes popping up?! I bet learning in a same-sex education is also much easier for the kids too. It is easier to associate with the same sex than a different sex. The association may not be as smooth or affectionate or even anything notably nice but it does not take much of an effort. Trying to sound like talking to the opposite sex is work! Actually I am trying to say it is, it isn’t.

The downside of children from the same-sex education schools is that they do not get to express themselves very well in the society latter on. That can be overcome though. So it stands at the quality of education. I believe the same-sex education is better. More focused individuals with a great association and less distructions, that is how you create more proffessionals in your country. Those who get trouble socializing can be helped latter on.

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