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I need the whole of my family to make a decision on this!

When reading through what black tax is and the way it actually works I met a new philosophy. The Ubuntu philosophy. It is the being of self through others, ‘I am because we are’ . I don’t know about you but blood is thicker than water. I think it is inbuilt. I only got to know the name a week ago yet I knew something like that was expected of me and mine. For those who do not know what black tax is, it is the financial pressure that is upon the black individual who has some level of success to take care of their less fortunate relatives or even individuals in the community. It originated from South Africa where the professsionals where required to provide for their families outside of their own living expenses out of obligation. That was during the colonial regime. Way back man, wonder if it is still a thing. Is anyone here from South Africa?

I’ll just take a walk there and ask.

It took me time to digest this. This is financial pressure. No wonder some people get to die from high blood pressure. Imagine having to work hard just to provide for people just because it is your obligation? Man, you thinking what I am thinking? My philosophy of life does not agree totally with this. So some succesful individual out there is paying for his siblings’ school fees, even some of the extended family members, giving financial assistance to friends and family, to his parents and even those in the community just because the community expects so? You have to chain me first! I believe you get to decide what you do with your wealth, riches doesn’t do it for me anymore. The society have no say so about that, if you decide to give, give it out willingly and out of a cheerful heart, not from pressure from the family. Blood is thicker than water but loyalty is thicker than blood, remember that.

This kind of mental slavery (should we call it outdated?) , I think not so since some African countries still believe it is a means to generational wealth. The thing with generational wealth is that the coming generations get to be weak. Those guys will just soil your family name! Back to black tax, it can be put in check by setting financial boundaries with family members, educating the community on financial literacy, seeking proffessional financial advice and having a financial plan. Man, pay the black tax, but don’t make it an obligation. Mystand.


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Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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