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Beforehand, I thought I knew about a specific communism system that worked out. Only to research about it and find that it wasn’t even a community based on communist principles. I thought the OSHO institution was… I cannot believe it!

Communism is a type of social ideology that advocates for abolition of private properties with the sharing of resources and wealth equally amongst the community members. Karl Max got famous for putting out communism after capitalism seemed not to favor everyone in the community. He argued that capitalism was exploitative. To make matters worse, the workers were not even well appreciated for their work. This was just a ground block for communism. Over the years after, communism has grown to be accepted in different communities. At some points even those governments becoming authoritarian. Basically, communism work by resources being owned by the community with everyone working according to his ability and the produce being divided according to the needs of each. A pretty good idea. It needs firm authorities to implement though. This makes me support capitalism and socialism more than communism. I think communism is most likely to fail of all the tree ideologies. It is the most humane of the three though!


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Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.


  1. True communism has never existed. And people never factor into these philosophies that human nature is essentially selfish and survival-oriented. There will always be people who are selfish, self-serving, greedy, and power-hungry who will exploit others and take what they have — no matter what system of economics and government is in place.

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      1. That’s what I’m saying. Humans are imperfect and incapable of creating anything perfect. Humans are flawed and incapable of creating anything that’s not flawed in some way. If that were possible, the world would not be as messed up as it is. The world is a reflection of ourselves. If humans were perfect and capable of perfection, there would be no need for conversations about utopias. There would be no need for higher philosophies. I enjoy reading your thoughts, by the way.

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      2. Thank you very much Dawn Pisturino. Here is another thought your comment here has just triggered. What if the creation of a utopia is the ultimate goal of the human race? Reason why all of us find great peace in helping people out. I believe even the worst of people have a soft spot. What do you think?

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      3. I agree that most people are both good and bad. But nobody’s perfect. A “utopia” can only be as enlightened and perfect as the people running it. Your questions, observations, and ideas are nothing new. The Greeks wrote about these things, the Romans did, the Hebrews craved their Messiah who would save the world, and Jesus came. The book “Utopia” was written by Thomas More in the Middle Ages. In the 1800s, there were utopian settlements in America. In 1917, the Russians had their revolution, which did not bring utopia or anything close. China had Mao Tse Tung. Cuba had Fidel Castro, who was not even a Communist, and Che Guevarra, who was one. The world continues to fall into darkness and now, we are facing the possibility of WWIII. Clearly, something is missing somewhere.

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