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I heard the talk on socialism and capitalism from a friend some time back last year. All I could get from the talk was that both had failed at different instances. Why argue which economic or political theory works best? It sounded off to a point. Not today though, I woke up ready to read through the boring political/economical theories to know why they are such a big deal in matters of money.

I will kick off with Capitalism. Capitalism is very simple and I can relate it to the jungle survival mode. You got the power you got what you want( without the killing). This is how it works, some big private investors get to control the production and supply of products in the market without the interferance of the government. The big dogs run the city. The capitalist simply get the say so. This mode of production only favors the capitalists and not the whole community. There is a lot of work on how capitalism works and I will not get much into it. The principle behind it is that you work extra hard to get to the top of the food chain or else ypou have no say over what is going on in the production and supply industry of country. In short you got your own back. Just get some willpower man, works just fine!

Socialism on the other hand came latter on, influenced by the Great depression after WWI and The Great recession after WWII. It was in favor of the millenials who better put where the majority of the active people in the industry by then. This system works by the government controlling the production of products in the industry. The government is also responsible for the food and employment of its citizens. Sounds like the typical modern day man. Always trying to keep things in order so that no one fails. Socialism has worked well in a number of countries e.g. China, Cuba and Vietnam.

So, between socialism and capitalism, which one would I choose. I think I will stick to Capitalism and Socialism, they are both ok. If you are determined enough and put in the effort you are destined to make it in either of the systems. I happened to see something on communism as I was reading on these two, my next blog will be on that.


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.


  1. True, neither system can stand on its own. Here in the states we have public schools, libraries, etc. all considered to be part of a socialized system. A certain amount of compromise is necessary in most everything.

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  2. It’s really a choice between freedom and bondage. I prefer freedom, even if I have to do without some things. The government is not our friend, and I refuse to be a slave to the government. In the long run, the government doesn’t care about any of us. It’s self-serving. That’s true of business, too, but you can always quit a job or start your own. You can’t escape the government. All you can do is revolt.

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      1. I’m for freedom, and socialism and communism are fascist and authoritarian. And I’ve been to Cuba (in 2000 when Fidel Castro was still alive). There was a lot of poverty, military and police presence, and unhappiness. Raw sewage ran through the streets, the public bathrooms were so filthy, I can’t even describe to you how bad it was. Many of the buildings were old and falling down and dangerous. Yes, there was almost a 100% literacy rate, and there was a minimal universal healthcare system, but their medical services were poor, and they relied a lot on folk medicine. People need to visit these countries before touting them as models of utopia.

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