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Did you know that looking for a job is a job? Now you know. You can ask the thousands of college graduates out there. When students get called to colleges to pursue their dream careers it is always a nice thing. A dream come true for most. For me it wasn’t that blissful, story for another day. So colleges are meant to provide students with knowledge on their career. Help them land a good paying job afterwards. Well, this is not the case in most countries. College dropouts are increasing daily. What is not happening? Is it the carees or the colleges that are to be blamed? What do you think?

My 5 years in college has taught me a lot. One major thing is that I only got myself to blame for my failures. Owning up sounds better. Colleges teach us a lot, the lectures teach students a lot in colleges that is. What they don’t teach is how to actually get the job done. You end up graduating with very little skills. A couple of my friends who are newly employed tell me the kind of job expected of us( in our course) is far from what we have been learning all along! I got tempted to dropout for sure. This is not the only issue, there are so many people who have been employed working in places they didn’t even study for in colleges. So what was that degree for? I can keep on and on about colleges and the way they have fallen short of the world expectations. I have a better way to it though, my opinion. I propose colleges be substituted with career colleges. Where skillset is more prioritised than the loads of paper work they are stuffing on students in colleges. That, I believe, will change the quality of workers in our countries.


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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