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What were your parents doing at your age?

Today’s WordPress daily prompt to write has been inspirational. So what were your parents doing at your age? I wouldn’t know what exactly they were doing but I have a little information to give me a clue what they were up to. My dad, at my age was already working his days away as a mechanic in some company I won’t mention. My dad has been working hard to provide for his for a long time. He is one guy I get to appreciate every other single day. He is a clear definition of a father, a responsible one to be precise. At my age my father most definitely had what he wanted in life figured out. He was so much engraved in it I believe he didn’t have time to get away from his path. Otherwise he wouldn’t be a success. The reason this daily prompt got me so inspired is because I have been looking for what I really want to dedicate my 10,000 hours to. Like my dad did. My question to myself today is what am I doing now that my kid will hear about or be told about and spark his interest? Oh, big up to you dad. For my mother, I have to ask, not a lot of stories are told. Though I know she was a good tailor. Remember getting the sewing machine’s needle through my finger while at her workplace! She is a loving woman.


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