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It just occurred to me while writing on this post that the 2022 all African games was hosted by the college I attend! For 2023 it will be in Accra, on a date not yet decided upon. If you have been following my blog you know I quite rugby. I still have the sports spirit in me, enough to care about the sports culture in our colleges.

Colleges have a lot of talent. Students just don’t have the time to take part in the games. Plus, the schools are not making it even worth their time. Yes, I am talking about the allowances. Colleges should step up on their funding too. In my world, I see colleges as a place for socializing and having fun and discovering lots of other skills. Colleges should be the place where young athletes are mentored. We would have better sports competitions all around the globe! Thrilling stuff to watch. Just a matter of investment man, oh, I am talking about the Kenyan colleges because I know some countries have their colleges in check. If this gets far, can our colleges get more funding for sports, we are tired of the learning all year long.


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