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My posts have been on a somehow adult mode. Soon I’ll be telling dad jokes. On screen time, it takes no astronauts to tell you it should be limited. From adults to children, wait, from children to adults. Screen time is the time spent on our smartphones, tablets, computers, video game consoles, we should add Virtual reality too! We are humans, we seek to to get entertained ones in a while, though we tend to extend our time. Those who work online probably are saying I am nuts, well, you guys also need a stretch some time. Or you can just beat the hell out that computer and be free of it.

Why am I concerned about screen time? Here it is, some part of the whole, that is. (You can look up more information if you get intrigued by it.) Extended screen time can disrupt our sleep cycle. Poor sleep means poor performance. Studies show that high amount of screen time is associated to weight gain. Man, I think I’ll try this out, been trying to gain a couple kilos. Screen time in children can affect their cognitive development. More screen time is associated with less cognitive function with links to anxiety and depression. Children who have more screen time are also more probably not to take part in physical activities, this is true with adults too. Screen time also affects the academic performance of children and I won’t explain how. These are just a number of effects on the amount of screen time one has. It is in this topic that my favourite artist has a similar opinion. Chronixx says Television is the worst. I say screen time should be very limited. We have all we need around us. Limit your screen time my people.


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Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.


  1. I think like you. The time spent in front of the TV and computer should be limited, because it takes time for exercise, socializing, and contact with nature. Children can become addicted to games.


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