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Mark my words, I did not say races or racism. I am probaby talking about car races. Cars of different colors. Racing. I figured out I needed some information on human races. What could make one think one race was superior than the rest?! I kind of had Adolf’s number but he is not answering. Could you guys get me some other guy for me to ask my numerous questions? I am paying handsomely…

From my research, Race is not scientific but a socio-cultural construct. That sounds like hiding away from reality. Here is a reality check, there are different human races in the world. I only knew of two by name before this blog. Not that the others were less significant or something but I just did not have time to find out about the rest. Not that I was even interested in the human races. First of all getting to know yourself as a person is far much more time consuming and important that whoever gets to see one race superior than the rest must be super genius or have some super powers of some sort. Or mad!

Many platforms are trying to say there are no races. Some even getting to points of telling someone he can self designate his race. I am not for that. Why are people hiding from the truth so much? Human races exist and it is such a beautiful thing. We should not try to dress it up. Instead, we should educate ourselves on races and racism, advocate for change, call for inclusivity of all races and interact with other human races as much as possible. As a matter of fact, I am ready to be invited to anywhere in the world to be around people of a different race. Just make sure there is plenty of food. Let us all embrace the wonderful human races.


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

One thought on “MYSTAND ON RACE

  1. I don’t understand the current movement to eliminate all gender, race, and identity from people. What would you have left? Nothing! People would look and act like robots. I believe people should love and accept themselves and not change themselves for other people. The world would be a very boring place if everybody were the same!


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