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Cyberbullying is a very cowardly act. Why not face the person you got issues with directly, tell them what you have in mind in person? Bullying has been around way before the advent of technology. Cyberbullying occurs in technological spaces; social media platforms, gaming spaces and over messages. So the bullies just got another way of continuing with their trade. Just this instant, behind screens. Cyberbullying is pathetic.

Some forms of cyberbullying include sharing of explicit images of a person without their consent, receiving explicit content without requesting for it, getting abused, offensive calling and spreading of false rumours about one. Cyberbullying typically is a thing that wouldn’t be there without technological advancement. This does not me we throw away our phones and stop using social media platforms. What has to be done is put strict policies against it. Then create awareness on the same. Many of you would agree that very few people know of the actions to take when they think they are being bullied online. It is a very sad truth. Some of us don’t even know they are being bullied online. Most of the cyberbullying cases are within the teens age bracket. Teens are basically children who have passed the puberty stage! No offense intended. This explains the actions. I shouldn’t forget the older guys who also ask teens who they are, where they are or who they are with without being their parents. That’s a form of cyberbullying too! You have to keep to your lane in some places. I think cyberbullying is a cowardly form of bullying and should be stopped altogether. Create awareness!

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Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.


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