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An Event

I attended an event today. It was about innovation. One of the career week 2023 events in my college. I purposed to attend because I wanted to know something about innovation, even if it was a little. Something off the books. What is interesting is not my reason for attending though. The chief guest, a CEO of a big organisation here in Kenya, made a speech which just proved what I have had in mind about colleges and careers. He says the course which he took in college wasn’t the one he was interested in. We have something in common there. Some sign I am gonna make it in life. He went ahead to say one of his roommates termed it useless but he worked hard still.

This is a general view of what happens in most of our colleges. Not in my country only. Students do courses they are not interested in. They end up getting tied up and tired. If they don’t think outside the box I might say. Some get there by not having a person to guide their choices. Some are even forced or feel obliged to do some courses because of family. It is such a sour sight! What I learnt from the guest speaker and would pass on is that you should think outside the box. Think without the box he said. He also mentioned that we should develop our social currency. You can’t succeed without people. Your network is your networth.


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