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What is your love language? This is new to me. Besides the languages people speak I only knew of programming languages, now there is love languages! Five of them in fact. So why not make the topic love? Well, I got a better one, affection and emotions, then spice it up with how men relate to both. I chose affection because it is the central building block of all types of love. Parental love, platonic love, passionate love and compassionate love. (Parental love is my favourite.) Emotions on the other hand are simply put as feelings. They can be of sadness, happiness or fear or even anger. So, how do the two (affections and emotions) relate to men and how should they be handled, preferably expressed.

First, for men, emotions should be schooled. Sit them down into some ABCs and do’s and don’ts. Scratch the ABCs part. As a man it’s advised to keep your emotions in check, express them but not without thinking of the end results. You will find this helpful in maintaining control over your actions. Affection has been for a long time been regarded as a weakness in men. We still practice it though. Like the grabbing of a beer or two with a friend we have stayed long without seeing. The bro-codes. These are just ways of showing affection, in a manly manner so to speak. That does not mean we don’t know other ways of expressing affection like holding hands, sending cards, gifting, hugging, cuddling and even kissing. Problem is we don’t attach it to emotions yet it should be, or not?! Give me a sec…

Well, men should be able to express their emotions and give out affection wholly and unapologetically. The secret is in expressing emotions without letting them turn into affections and when affection is involved then it sure must be emotional. This is because emotions are superficial while affection is deep. Affections are also long lasting as compared to emotions which are fleeting. Anyway, men be men. That’s my stand.


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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