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Towards late last year I started to find out about the soul, something I didn’t even know existed. I wrote three posts about the soul. The soul, I believe, is greatly related to spirituality. Typically, spirituality is associated with finding God or a higher power. To me spirituality is about finding peace within and channelling it to the world. At first I wasn’t even aware that I was approaching or even on a spirituality pathway. It was all about finding my why in life. I was so inquisitive about it. Working on myself, spirituality was just a by product. Spirituality is different from religion, I repeat, spirituality is different from religion.

From my findings, research shows that spirituality has health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and less depression. Spirituality also increases self esteem, better relationships, great compassion and better sleep. Finding your way to spirituality is something you don’t follow. It is a point you reach in life while chasing yoir goals. It is not a thing you approach directly. When reached, you feel unstoppable. A kind of peace which in unsurpassed. My stand is that spirituality is the key for peace, love and harmony for the human race. We should all work towards it.


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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