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Buenos dias. If you are looking for a way to evade paying your taxes you are in luck. See how I sent the government officials off with some of my spanish? Wait, I am told they understand Spanish so bet we’ll have to pay. Why pay your ta?. To be specific the income tax and the business tax? Is there even pride in paying up with the large number of tax evaders? Let’s see.

Taxes help the government to remain functional. You also know that, right? The taxes help our governments to fund the military operations, public securities, education systems, public transportation, roads and many other things that keep a country running. The taxes collected by the government do benefit both the tax payer and the people in the government. (I am not sure). What I know is that income tax helps to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. This, it has failed terribly at. The rich always get a means around it. The paying of taxes also ensures the stability of the currency of a country, I didn’t know that, but it seems logical enough. So simply put, as a law abiding citizen one should pay his taxes for the benefit of a country. What about the tax havens? The countries that don’t collect taxes from foreign investors? Isn’t that cheating the system? You see, the rich guys will just find a way there and invest instead of doing so back home. Who ends up losing?

So far it lools like I am against the rich guys. Not so true, just stating the facts. We can correct a little bit of that by following the systems in countries such as Monaco and UAE. They only have taxes for businesses and no income tax! They still function right and are most probably far better off than the developing countries. What do you think? For me, I believe as a good citizen you should comply to the tax payer rules in place in your countries.

For me, I’ll be looking for a way to move to UAE.😂


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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