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I will start by saying this is my biggest fear of all. I fear not being a good father to my kids. Finally, I put it out there, whether it is blown away by the wind or gets to surface is now on the skies. Parenting is not easy, it is not something you can clearly say that this is the right path to it. Priests have parented thieves, farmers’ kids have grown to doctors and engineers, kids of professors have grown into dead beats. There is simply no formula for this. I’m tempted to say we have no control but we do. We have influence,in one way or the other, how our children turn out. Some would argue genetics also play a role, that I can’t tell, this is what I know about parenting though.

I know that parenting is a lot of responsibility. A great deal of being there for your offspring from infancy to their adulthood. Being there and guiding their social, emotional, physical and spiritual development. It’s a workload! Still can’t believe our forefathers used to have up to 15 kids! How did they manage that?! Nowadays even 2 kids make parents loss their brain. Now, there are different styles of parenting. Authoritarian, authoritative, uninvolved and permissive styles. The difference between authoritative and authoritarian is that in the former their is medium demand to the kids and medium responsiveness from the parents while in the latter the kids have to do what the parents say just because the parents say so. The permissive and uninvolved are self explanatory. The uninvolved parenting is disgusting, that I must say. How does someone get you to earth then just not be there emotionally or physically for you? The way earth is in chaos!( Not always though)

Different parenting styles are used by parents depending on the ethnicity, social class, preference and the time or age of parenting. It is wise to be able to adjust your style of parenting as a parent. That’s an advice. For my stand on parenting, I believe that you should preach what you practice. You must be a role model to your children. In short you have to act the path you would like them to follow, then how they turn out won’t be even for you to worry, after all, you did your work!


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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