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First of all, I am not a parent and I won’t be doing just to write much on teen curfews. I might just shoot myself on the foot. Teen curfews are set by parents to their teenage children for one reason or the other. Most important reason is to set boundaries. They are very important to set for the teenagers as that is a time in their lives when they are exploring a lot. I did my fare share, wish I could share but I can’t. For the parents who would like to set teenage curfews you can Google on the dos and don’ts. I’d advice that you communicate your expectations and consequences to breaking of the curfew rules.

My stand on teen curfews is that they are absolutely something every parent should have for their teenage children. This is to guide their children into learning to have limits to things in life. To appreciate time too. At times the curfews just save them from bad peers and will enable them grow into fine adults. Oh, plus it’s your house, who’s the boss?


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Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.


  1. If it is your house, you must have rules. These rules apply to anyone you provide shelter and sustenance for, not simply teens. I get the topic being “teens and rules” but teens are budding adults and it is especially important they feel they are treated as people, not possessions subject to arbitrary rules, which is what they will “feel” if “rules” are directed at them specifically.

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    1. What you are saying is true, that is precisely why communication is key in this particular matter. Both the teens and parents should understand how the “rules” came about. I also strongly believe the safety of the teens is important than their feelings.

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