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Sincerely speaking, students should be taught about money in school. I can’t emphasize more, it’s clearly visible why. I have asked myself for so long which one is better, money or wealth? Still, can you have wealth without money? Yes, the second question is so trivial, can you be wealthy without money? For starters, money is…well money is the currency you use in your country or state, I don’t want it complicated. Wealth on the othet hand is the sum of all your assets minus the debts. Lets keep it at that level of definition. We’ll put some flesh on it slowly. So wealth can be in form of human skill, education and the network of a person, interesting. For money, well, you either have it or not. The idea of money is something to wonder upon. Money is just paper, coins given value. How can I give you a car in exchange of some paper? Ok, we are all crazy! I understand, no need to panic. Then to prove it, we send digits to another phone or account number and the other guy is given money! Come on, why don’t you just give the other guy the numbers instead?

I was just pulling your leg. You all know what money is and it’s value worldwide. So let’s compare the two. I am already on wealth’s side. So money is a form of wealth, the most common if I am honest. Money can be used to attain wealth. If used in the right way that is. My brother always tells me money speaks to you, like a mind game thing, so you better win that game. If you don’t you will end up using your money badly. One can not argue against the fact that to be wealthy you must master use of money. In fact you have to make it your slave. You should not let it determine how you live. It can give you a lot of luxuries I don’t deny. Question is, can you manage that lifestyle for a long time? That is where wealth comes in. A wealthy person can maintain this luxurious lifestyle even without a source of income. How? You are in luck, I’m wealthy and can tell you how. The secret is to ask God for a wealthy grandfather! Kidding. Wealth is something generated over a period of time. You have to invest your money wisely, make sure the luxuries are paid with money from investments and not your income from the work you do. You must also grow your investments so they are able to give you money even when you aren’t around. One should also not forget savings and the service to the community. Success is something you attract, so is wealth.

As I said before, I am for wealth, even if takes years to come by. My stand is that you can generate wealth without money. Developing your skills, education, having an abundance mindset are just a start. You must not wait to have a large sum of money to start thinking of wealth. Start to envision it now. Believe and achieve. Remember, wealth is attracted, not pursued!


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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