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Genetically modified organisms. For so long I have disliked GMOs without account. I just didn’t like the idea of genetic engineering to begin with. The fact that I like my food natural added on that plus the fact that I didn’t trust a few years of research to be tested on this generation made me dislike GMOs even more. So I decided to get some information on the issue. I won’t write much, I’ll do the pros and cons then take a stand, maybe.

Benefits of GMOs include longer shelf life, less use of pesticides on plants, disease resistant plants, high productivity of plants leading to low cost of products and there are chances of incorporating medicinal properties in the plants. This will improve health in consumers. Concerns about GMO include allergenicity, gene transfer to bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, outcrossing of GMO and local breeds, toxins produced by GMOs and the fact that they cannot be recalled when released into the environment. I can go on and on about the concerns, I won’t though, today I won’t take a stand! I think I am too biased on this topic. I’ll take some time to ponder over it some more.


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Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

2 thoughts on “MYSTAND ON GMOs

  1. I would ask you to consider generations of “selective breeding,” both plant and animal, leading to the strains and varieties of foods that feed the world today. Reflect also on the peculiar snub-nosed miniature lapdog that your wife so adores. How far afield the [accepted] ways all this came about as “opposed” to what we lay people call “Genetically Modified.” Consider your conclusion carefully.

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