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Neopaganismo. That is the word that brought about this blog post. Around the same time I met this word, I believe in one of the posts in WordPress, I was also watching Vikings. ( I apologise for not remembering the actual post). Those who have watched Vikings series might understand where I am headed to. In Vikings there was a rift between Paganism and Christianity. The pagan practices where fascinating but at times made me question my testosterone levels. Crazy. I thought I couldn’t do some of the practices if I was among those men. Then I saw Neopaganismo! Modern Paganism; to be brief on the definition. I got curious and decided to check it out.

Neopaganism is associated with practice of beliefs that were there even before Christianity. It sounds like the people involved are stuck in the past. No, that’s not true. Neopaganism involves practices such as rituals( without sacrifices), festivals and magic. The rituals involve drumming, chanting, singing, dancing, activities that bring one to religious ecstasy, as put in one of the articles I read. They also have beliefs which they follow. These beliefs include animism, nature worship( I like this one), pantheism and polytheism. Come to think of it, some of these beliefs are also found in our modern day religions like Hinduism; animism. So basically neopaganism is a religion in its own rights. It is not well known worldwide though. Wouldn’t hurt to check out some of their practices and beliefs yourself!

My stand on Neopaganism is that itself is a form of religion. A new one in the terms that it has a little known of it and should be studied and discovered more. There is always reason if you are willing to hear. To more discoveries of Neopaganismo.


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  1. I think you miss an important difference between paganism and modern religion. Paganism as practiced by Australian Aboriginals and many other first nations people is different from religions in that there is no deity. The source of life and sustenance is nature and our planet earth. Pagans have a close affinity with and caring for nature and the planet. Because it is nature that sustains us, physically and spiritually.

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    1. I get the point on paganism and the close relation to nature and the universe. Something embedded in their beliefs. Right? About having deities not so much, information I got might have overlooked that. Maybe you can tell me more, this topic is really intriguing.


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