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Age is just but a number they say. A relationship is not a number, so what’s the relationship with age? Let us think on, in the Biblical creation story. When God made man, and later the woman from his rib. At what age was the man? What about the other kinds of relationships? The ones beside the heterosexual relationships? The LGBTQ?

A relationship, heterosexual relationship in this case (I know little about LGBTQ). Relationships should be about supporting each other towards personal goals, trust and intimacy, resolving problems constructively and being aware of your partner just to mention a few of it’s requirements. Thinking of it, my past relationships haven’t been role model kind! They work out fine all the same. What I know for sure is that for relationships to work, the partners should have similar values, beliefs and goals about their relationship.

Now to age. You all know what age is. It is the easier term compared to relationship. Most men can’t even define a relationship! So age in a relationship can pretty much determine if it survives or not. If a man is older or younger than the woman. If the woman is older or younger than the man. These are the two ways in it. Too much of an age gap comes with social stigma and differences in emotional maturity. Basically maturity, if we factor in the mismatched libidos. Sex is important for relationships to work. Now ladies, I am not insinuating relationships are only for sex. It is just as important as love. Hope you understand. Studies have showed that the rule of 7 is best for relationships. The 1-3 year gap and the 4-6 years are the most common. Then there is the least preferred( in our modern times ) 10-15 years gap. I also don’t like the large gap too! Don’t ask me why. My stand is that age really matters in a relationship. I don’t want an immature wife yet a more mature one who will make me childlike. I like the sweet 3-5 years gap. To my stand on age and relationships. I strongly believe that age is a very key factor in survivability of one. Choose wisely.

Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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