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Culture is diverse. Probably that’s why its definition is long too. Simply put, culture is the norms found in a society. So to speak, human societies dictate the culture in that region. By now you get my drift. Culture varies from place to place. Oh, except the woke culture, the new all touchy culture! I won’t talk about that. At least not today. My favourite definition of culture is by one Edward S.Casey; “The very word culture means ‘place tilled’ “. That summarises a lot.

In the early days of study of culture, culture was grouped; high culture, low culture, popular culture and mass culture. Nowadays we have work culture, organisation culture, corporation culture, woke culture among others. The list has grown. Culture is largely controlled by regions, economic systems, social organisations, education, religions and beliefs.

Culture is very important. It gives a people and a person identity. It has that sense of belonging. As such, it shouldn’t be ignored. From my favourite definition of culture, I believe that the community is ever ’tilling’ and coming up with better practises for the people in that community. My stand is that culture is day by day turning on to be better than in the old ages. Not all though, I will focus on some specific cultures in my next blog. To separate my likes from distastes of culture.

Stay woke!


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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