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Social media is part of a whole (It is part of the mainstream media) the most used to be precise. Social media is a giant over the broadcasting and publishing outlets. When was the last time you bought a book, sat down and read it? What about the last time you tuned in to your favourite radio station? That is even if you have one to start with. The thing is, social media rules over the mainstream media. Social media provides platforms for the creation, sharing and exchange of information and ideas in virtual communities. Did I just say community? It’s nice to be part of the WordPress community for sure. Back to it, social media is a place that creates a chance for conversations, connecting with audiences and generally creating relationships. So far, I think that it has achieved most of this. On the bright side that is.

With the days getting by, social media is taking up a lot than it was designed for. Many of the social skills are being lost. In as much as people are getting to know each other too. Ironically, the same social media platforms such as youtube provide lessons for such! Where do we get to use it? Actually nowhere, we are most of the time on our phones or tablets. Even when at social gatherings! I don’t detest social media a great deal. Websites such as this one( WordPress), Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn have helped a lot in networking. That is a very huge plus for me and most of you I guess. I won’t rumble on. My stand is that social media is a good thing, only our way of using it is deteriorating. Stay in control of how you use social media.


Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.


  1. I use “social media” only for socializing. It is NOT a source of news or education. Well, on the whole, very little of the whole wild.wonderful.wacky is useful for news or education; too many folk out there “publish” pure self-serving BUNK, lies, hate, and harmful ideas.

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