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I will confess, I was tempted to call it ethics and morals. Well, they are alomost one! Into it, ethics is the defined as the moral principles that govern a person’s behaviours. What if one does not feel like governing himself? Right, I don’t have control over that. Well, neither do you! One thing is clear though, both morals and ethics helps us to distinguish the differnce between good and bad. Morals are on one end deemed personal while ethics are pretty standard in a social setting. Say a community. A good example; in one community adultery may be looked down upon while in another it may be ignored. Which makes me curious, what is that ethically immoral behaviour in your community? Share in the comments, por favor!

My stand on ethics is that you should use your morals as a compass to your ethics. This is because the communities have a lot going on and not in the right directionat all times. It basically rounds off to your own choices. Stay moral, ethics don’t define you.



Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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