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Waiting for death!

Wait, what! Aaah. Relax. It’s just a name I gave to a workout. It takes an hour but seems to take eternity. So this is how it goes. I take no alarm clock with me or any way of knowing time. It involves uncounted laps around the field until when the school bell which sounds after every hour sounds. Easy right! Well, the waiting for the bell to sound to save your tired self is not. Still, when it sounds the relief is heavenly!

Why “waiting for death”? This name hit me on one of the unending laps. It was like I was waiting for something. Something I would not really like to come, because it would mean am all tired or my time done. Yet still I looked to it to atleast end my struggle, more so near the end of an hour. So I thought, what if, just what if death is that way?

Sure we all going to die. That is all known a fact. The time not known. What if when the time is reached it will be a relief from the shackles of life. The hustle of every single day. Rest from all this wanting. Rest from all the daily activities. Rest from the insatiable needs of self? To top it all abrupt! Nice? Well, I will be waiting for death again this Saturday!

Blessed day friends. šŸ’™

Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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