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Everyone’s Rich!

Poverty is a state of the mind! Read that again. You are not poor. No one really is. No one really has everything he wants. Yeah! So the things you have you should be grateful for. You are rich. The little or most you got. That’s yours, those are your riches. What you don’t have you probably don’t require at the moment. So don’t stress it. Don’t get lazy though. Well, it’s also said that the greatest a person can have is life. Be positive for a start, for breathing. Then when you start minding what you have, appreciating what you have, then that’s when you will realise how rich you are!

This is my first post this year and I already feel so positive, I hope this is infectious, cause man…you wanna feel this!

Keep it positive! 😁

Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

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