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Publicly private

It’s all merry all round. The Christmas spirit, make sure you enjoy every moment. It’s important you do so, it’s been a long year, we all deserve it.

To my blog post. We all have secrets. I don’t even care what they are but we all have reasons for having them. Well, today am just gonna have to urge you to make them public! Yeah, sounds crazy but telling someone “that’s my secret, I won’t tell” can come a long way to help with the persistent questions. So whenever you have a secret and don’t want to share just say so. Also, there are things in life we just don’t have to share out. Like our phone passwords. It has become so common nobody even asks why it’s private. I sure hope with this new trick you can avoid the nagging.

Merry Christmas. 💙

Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

5 thoughts on “Publicly private

  1. Good idea. However, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Anyone who read my schtuff knows exactly where I park my pony. I have no secrets. Well, except maybe that despite all my curmudgeon-enry, I’m a nice guy.

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      1. “Nice.” Not stupid. My shirt, yes. My lunch, yes. Passwords, pins? Scarce recall them myself. I write fiction. My introspection effervesces into my works. Through tinted glasses you can deduce much of my past, my aspirations, my suspicions…

        Good 2022 to you!

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