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Peer pressure

Question, is there an age where this stops? I really want to know. Of all things that may influence one’s posture(look up the word posture), I believe peer pressure got an edge. It always gets a way. Hard as you try you get yourself doing a thing or two out of your own free will. So comes my question, ones more, is there an age one doesn’t really feel peer pressure?

Nice day everyone.😁

Published by odfellah

Simple and understanding. Out here for the betterment of a society am part of.

14 thoughts on “Peer pressure

      1. Do you mean surrounding yourself with positive people and being influenced by them? I guess that’s good, but I’m a loner and only listen to my Spirit because it never lets me down. I hear what others have to say but in the end I have to be honest with myself and go the way that’s right for me. We all have an inner compass ready to guide us.

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      2. Completely true. Being true to yourself is the best method to keep check of your lane. You being a loner does help on your side. For me it’s always about making sure the friends I have add value to my life as I do theirs.
        Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Say. I keep looking for a new post from you. Hope all is good. Anyway – “Peer pressure”? Stops? Not really. As you age though, you learn to let it be insignificant. If not, what you’re experiencing is your self expectation sublimating in such a way you think it’s peer pressure.

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