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Christmas shopping

As a tradition my dad always does the Christmas shopping. Wait, should i say my mother does it, cause basically it’s always her shopping list. My dad adds a little bit in the list and goes for it. Anyway, Christmas shopping has this bliss that it comes with. This title just reminded me of this particular Christmas shopping i almost messed up.

My dad did not make it home by Christmas eve so he travelled on the Christmas morning. On arrival he called that i go pick him up at the bus station. Obviously to help with the Christmas shopping. On our way out of the supermarket with the shopping, I tripped and the shopping bags I was carrying landed a couple of inches next to a trench! I simply said “thanks Lord”, gathered the things up and hoped that was the last of bad thing to happen to me on that day.

That Christmas actually turned out to be the best.

Today marks day nine on Blogtober hosted by Caroline. You sure can spare some time to check it out HERE.

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