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Let loose!

I don’t even know if that’s correct . I won’t even check if it is. This is for the times we let go of all the limitations we got in our lives. For the times we forget all the rules and live life without giving a second thought. Letting lose! We should do that once in a while. Live life, let loose. You will attest that these moments make the best of memories. So let loose once in a while!

Easy Friday family. 💙

Your Value!

Your value. Your worth. What you stand for. What you believe in. What would you die for? Well, you should be ready to stand up for everything you believe in. You should always be ready to backup what you want. What you need to do is find value in yourself and your stand first. Then with that others will also see the value in your stand. You are the only one who can give away this power. So first VALUE your stand!

Thanks for reading. 💙

Talk is cheap

I stole this heading guys. Having said that, I feel free. On the bright side though, this blog post idea is all mine. On to it. Talk is cheap, infact, it is free. Unless you are a motivational speaker. Even then, it is still cheap. Sure it adds up to sound pollution by a good percentage. I say this because after talking you have to get to the doing. The action part. That is all that really matters. You can talk tough all day but with no action, you have done nothing. So guys, less talk, more action. Keep on pushing. Keep on putting a shift. The small turn overs results to huge success. Don’t just talk about it. Infact, JUST DO IT!

Nice week everyone.

Live and Let Live

I can’t get myself to forget about this phrase. Live and let live. It is more of an advice. It simply urges one to be free to speak his mind and to allow others to do the same. Personally I would say one should feel free to do whatever he likes without interfering with the peace of others. This is where the challenge comes. Solution being to be strict with oneself and tolerant to other people’s actions. People won’t always be the same. All together, for this month and the rest of your life, Live and Let Live.

Happy day. 💙

Waiting for death!

Wait, what! Aaah. Relax. It’s just a name I gave to a workout. It takes an hour but seems to take eternity. So this is how it goes. I take no alarm clock with me or any way of knowing time. It involves uncounted laps around the field until when the school bell which sounds after every hour sounds. Easy right! Well, the waiting for the bell to sound to save your tired self is not. Still, when it sounds the relief is heavenly!

Why “waiting for death”? This name hit me on one of the unending laps. It was like I was waiting for something. Something I would not really like to come, because it would mean am all tired or my time done. Yet still I looked to it to atleast end my struggle, more so near the end of an hour. So I thought, what if, just what if death is that way?

Sure we all going to die. That is all known a fact. The time not known. What if when the time is reached it will be a relief from the shackles of life. The hustle of every single day. Rest from all this wanting. Rest from all the daily activities. Rest from the insatiable needs of self? To top it all abrupt! Nice? Well, I will be waiting for death again this Saturday!

Blessed day friends. 💙

I am back.

It has been long since I wrote something. Well, am back at it. Delivering my thoughts. My stand sounds even better. Doing it aloud for that matter. Hope I get in nobody’s way of belief. All the same it’s good to be back. It pleases me to realise that I am not all adrift. I have been in the course of nature. It is now time to be back and I can’t wait to share all I can. Not today though. Today I don’t even feel like writing, yet, I am back!


Still not sure whether humans would have made a better heading. Anyway, people it is. I am petty sure you know a lot of people. Maybe a lot of people know you. Either way i believe it’s all in place. People are good, people are bad! People are generous, people are mean! People are caring, people are not bothered! I can go on and on, the list is endless. All i got to say about people is that we exist for each other. The bad one does to you is supposed to strengthen you as the good one does to you. You always have to learn from people every now and then. People are there to keep you on your toes. To help you feel the good times too. Just keep up being positive. Always be positive towards life and people. Always!

Nice day everyone. 😁

Everyone’s Rich!

Poverty is a state of the mind! Read that again. You are not poor. No one really is. No one really has everything he wants. Yeah! So the things you have you should be grateful for. You are rich. The little or most you got. That’s yours, those are your riches. What you don’t have you probably don’t require at the moment. So don’t stress it. Don’t get lazy though. Well, it’s also said that the greatest a person can have is life. Be positive for a start, for breathing. Then when you start minding what you have, appreciating what you have, then that’s when you will realise how rich you are!

This is my first post this year and I already feel so positive, I hope this is infectious, cause man…you wanna feel this!

Keep it positive! 😁

Publicly private

It’s all merry all round. The Christmas spirit, make sure you enjoy every moment. It’s important you do so, it’s been a long year, we all deserve it.

To my blog post. We all have secrets. I don’t even care what they are but we all have reasons for having them. Well, today am just gonna have to urge you to make them public! Yeah, sounds crazy but telling someone “that’s my secret, I won’t tell” can come a long way to help with the persistent questions. So whenever you have a secret and don’t want to share just say so. Also, there are things in life we just don’t have to share out. Like our phone passwords. It has become so common nobody even asks why it’s private. I sure hope with this new trick you can avoid the nagging.

Merry Christmas. 💙