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Lough out loud

Simply dont remember the last time i laughed out loudly. Well, that is good because i have a terrible laughter. One to send dagger eyes my path. Great idea, today am gonna go somewhere crowded but quite and watch some comedy. And i won’t be sorry! Your weekend would definitely be made by Blogtober hostedContinue reading “Lough out loud”

A memory

I should be writing about a memory but i won’t! Hold it there,it’s a memory in a way. What makes it not be a ‘memory’ is because i can’t remember things at some point. So here it is. I had gone for my rugby training session on that particular Saturday. Unfortunately i suffered a concussion.Continue reading “A memory”

The controversial mask

I really want to talk about this. It’s gonna cost me a few boy’s day out but i can’t just hold on to this. The father-son relationship and the brother-brother relationships. There is a lot of love. Lots of love in there. Love hidden behind the harsh punishments of the father to son. Love behindContinue reading “The controversial mask”

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